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100% All Natural Dog Shampoo For Sensitive Skin

Does your dog have sensitive or damaged skin? This 100% All Natural Dog Shampoo for Sensitive Skin gently cleanses and gives quick relief to itch as it moisturized the skin. Perfectly sized for multiple washes, it’s abundant lather makes it the ultimate in skin and coat care for your dog!

$11.12 USD

Leather Poop Bag Dispenser

Keep your poop bags handy with this hand-crafted leather dispenser. It easily attaches to the handle of your dog leash, belt loop, your wrist or anyway you like! Made of all-leather material, it is highly durable compared to the plastic counterparts you find at pet stores. It even comes with a free roll of pick-up bags!

$30.00 USD

Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover

If you’re a dog owner then you must be familiar with the situation of having pet hair everywhere. Sometimes vacuums just don’t cut it, but don’t worry the Fur-Zoff will make the task of removing pet fur a whole lot easier! Simply lightly sweep the carpet, furniture or clothing with the Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover and watch the fur come off!
$7.15 USD

Cadilon Color Changing Solar Light N’ Pet Bag Dispenser

This Color Changing Solar Light N’ Pet Bag Dispenser provides convenient access to doggy cleanup bags and is great for outdoor use! Mount it on a fence, or stake it in the ground in your yardーthe color changing solar light makes it easy to spot, and you’ll have a place to grab some quick waste bags whenever you need one!

BonOflosS Dental Hygiene Toy

What if your dog could floss his teeth while he chews and plays? Designed by Emanuele Bianchi, the BonOflosS is an ingenious dental hygiene toy that provides flossing action to your dog as his teeth penetrates through the replaceable inner mesh core while playing. Available in a variety of sizes and color combinations!
$3.99 USD

Proden PlaqueOff Oral Care For Dogs

No more wrestling with toothbrushes! Keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy with PlaqueOff, a 100% natural oral supplement for pets. Simply add the powdered product to your dog’s food on a daily basis. Proven to reduce plaque and tartar on teeth and gums and help with bad breath!
$29.22 USD

Musher’s Secret – Invisible Shield for Your Dog’s Paws

Protect your dog’s delicate paws from ice, snow, salt, sand or hot pavement with Musher’s Secret- an all natural 100% wax based cream. It forms an invisible shield when applied to your dog's pads and toe areas and dries in seconds! A great way to keep your pet’s paws protected during outdoor activities!
$10.99 USD

Herman Hammerhead Doggie Poo Bag Holder

Herman the monster has his mouth open and is ready to hold your doggie poo bags! Made of fleece and felt, he has a lever clasp on the top of his head attached by a black ribbon. Holding a couple of rolled up grocery bags or a roll of store bought doggie bag is no problem for him!

$10.00 USD

The Fifth Paw

No more juggling full bags of poop all the way home! The Fifth Paw is a cool leash attachment that allows you to be hands free, poop free while walking your dog. Holds multiple bags, while staying clean and tangle free. Enjoy the freedom you'll get from being able to enjoy your dog walks even more!
$9.39 USD

Custom Dog Food Mat

These adorable pet mats are a perfect way to give your pet the personality they deserve! They make meals fun and so much easier to clean up! Each custom pet mat has rubber lining on the back to prevent your pup from sliding their food or water around while they’re eating. Handmade to order.

$19.99 USD

Oxgord Pooper Scooper Sanitary Remover

You will never have to bend over and grab your pet’s waste again - the OxGord Waste Scooper will make cleaning up after your pet a breeze! At over 2 ft in height, it will keep your hand well away from the nasty “business” that is part of owning a pet. Made out of a durable material to ensure long lasting use and easy cleaning.
$5.95 USD

Droolie Rap Doggy Bib

Is your pup a drooler? This Droolie Rap Doggy Bib is a very elegant and non-shaming way of keeping that drool under control. Made from all cotton, it has a stretch neckband and a safety-first quick release velcro tab for easy on and off. Each bib will also come customized with your monogram of choice on the front!

$18.00 USD

Flossy Chew Toy

Floss your dog’s teeth as they chew and play! Your pet will love tugging and tossing this colourful Flossy Chew Toy. Made from premium cottonblend rope fibers, it is highly durable and can last even against some of the strongest chewers. A great and fun way to help clean off tarter from your pet’s teeth!
$3.35 USD

Lifesize Replica Fire Hydrant

There’s nothing quite like this Lifesize Replica Fire Hydrant. What is it? It’s a novel container that’s convenient, colourful and conversational. Good for pet food, toys and dog treats. Or if you want, you can even prop it outside on your yard for your pet to zero in on when nature calls!
$39.99 USD

Dog Snood

Snoods help to keep your furkid’s ears clean and out of the way of their food as they gulp through their meals. Designed for breeds with long ears, they are a must have for those pups on a raw diet! Choose your favourite animal design or fabric pattern and you're on your way to help keep those long ears looking beautiful!

$15.50 USD

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