Customizable Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Jar

Customizable Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Jar

Keep your dog’s favourite treats within easy reach with this Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Jar! Each Happy Dog Hydrant is custom made to go with YOUR decor, meaning that you can choose to have it customized with your pet’s name or any other custom design! Hand crafted by a Professional Engineer and assembled by hand, it is made out of durable PVC components in the image of standard fire hydrant. Functional and attractive, the durability of this dog treat jar is even greater than that of ceramic, glass, metal or even plastic!

The Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Jar accommodates approximately TEN cups of nugget treats! The design also promotes FRESHNESS so that each treat will be just as fresh as the first! Each Happy Dog Hydrant have lids that are dual opening and can be used as a lift off or a screw off top. It is also completed with a finishing piece of protective felt on the bottom- this adds a special touch and also helps to act as a barrier between the container and countertop.

In terms of colours and customization, there are so many possibilities available! Choose between traditional or contemporary styles! If you don’t see the dog treat jar you’d like, feel free to request for a custom piece!

Each Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Jar can be easily wiped clean with mild dish water and a soft sponge or cloth.


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$54.95+ USD

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