Dog Treats

Customizable Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Jar

Keep your dog’s favourite treats within easy reach with this Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Jar! Each Happy Dog Hydrant is custom made to go with YOUR decor, meaning that you can choose to have it customized with your pet’s name or any other custom design! Hand crafted out of durable PVC components in the image of standard fire hydrant.

$54.95+ USD

Dog Treat Pouch with Zipper

Put an end to the constant fumbling around in pockets for treats and poop bags with this cute dog treat pouch! No more having to deal with residue treat crumbs in your pant pockets! Complete with a keyring, it can also be attached to your keys or your pups leash. Now you can have everything in one place- how convenient! Other colours are also available ?

$9.21 USD

Personalized Ceramic Dog Treat Jar

Every dog has a treat that they go crazy for, and what better way to store it than in his very own personalized dog treat jar? Handmade of ceramic material, the glazed jar is food, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. His treats will be sure to remain fresh. Happy tail wags are a given every time you reach for the jar!

$47.00 USD

Natural Rapport’s Beef Bite Treats

Dogs go ballistic over Natural Rapport's Beef Bite treats! Made entirely from all natural, freeze dried raw meat with no ingredients from China or any other countries, they contain no fillers, no additives, simply 100% USDA inspected meat! Each treat is bite size, making it perfect for training! Even finicky dogs will love them!
$19.95 USD

Plato Pet’s Thinker Sticks and Real Strip Treats

Treat your dog to some wholesome treats that do not have added sugars, artificial preservatives or byproducts! Plato Pet’s Thinker Sticks and Real Strip Treats both come in a variety of delicious meaty flavours that you pup is sure to love. No artificial anything! Nothing but safe and high quality ingredients for your pet.
$16.99 USD

Himalayan Dog Chew Snack

Looking for a long lasting chew snack for your dog? Born from an ancient recipe from the Himalayas, the Himalayan Dog Chew is an authentic type of cheese made by boiling yak and cow milk which is then dried for many weeks to create a hard chew. This all natural treat will provide your pet with hours of eating entertainment!
$26.99 USD

Healthy Dogma Peanut Butter Barkers

Your dog will love you for these yummy and delicious Healthy Dogma Barkers! Packaged in a cute and convenient cup, these grain free dog biscuits are an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates for your pet. And what dog doesn’t love peanut butter anyways?
$8.49 USD

Benebone Wishbone Bacon Flavored Chew Toy

No pup can resist the scent and taste of bacon! The Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy is deliciously flavoured with 100% bacon and features a curved design that allows your dog to chew easily and comfortably by popping one end up. Only ingredients are nylon and bacon. Yum!
$6.35 USD

Aikiou Interactive Dog Feeder

Ignite your dog’s sense of excitement during mealtime with the Aikiou dog feeder. This stimulating logic puzzle slows the eating process to encourage healthy digestion and maintain your dog’s attention. As a useful focusing tool, this feeder trains your dog to push the center wheel and open the side compartment with their paws in order to receive a treat.

Handmade Pup Truffles

Spoil your pet with these cute handmade Pup truffles! Each truffle is made from quality ingredients including carob, peanut butter, yogurt and decor sprinkles and comes packaged two per box. All treats are made to order and sent out as soon as they are ready to ensure freshness!

$2.00 USD

Canine Crunch Pupcorn

Treat your pup to a bag of bursting flavour and a yumminess that won’t quit! Canine Crunch Pupcorn are made of chunks of crunchy corn covered with yogurt, peanut butter and doggie chocolate. Made fresh to order, choose what flavour you want them in! Your dog will be begging you for more!

$4.00 USD

Gourmet Christmas Assortment Dog Treats

Looking for a perfect hostess gift that will really make an impression? Or can’t choose just one kind to give to your Christmas pup? Get the best of all worlds with this assortment of Christmas dog treats! Perfect to send as a gift or keep for yourself. Either way it is packaged to perfection and ready to go!

$25.00 USD

Gourmet Peanut Butter Miniature Dog Cake

Celebrate your dog’s birthday with their very own personalized miniature cake! This delicious dog approved cake is drizzled with carob and plain yogurt frosting and has a grain-free personalized pumpkin treat on the top with their name on it. You could not get anything more yummy for your pup’s special day!

$25.00 USD

Bowser Beer 6-pack: Nonalcoholic Beer Beverage for Dogs

Bowser Beer is a non-alcoholic beer for your dog. All ingredients are healthy and made from scratch, includes real chicken and beef meat. Malt barley and glucosamine are also added for coat and joint health. Custom labels are available so you can put your own dog’s photo on the label! Beverage is in plastic recyclable bottles with re-sealable caps.

$19.99 USD

Leanlix Lickable Treat

Give your pet a fun and healthy reward with this new and innovative lickable treat. The Leanlix is a lickable, low-calorie treat that doubles as a fantastic training tool for dogs. Its lanyard design allows it to be worn easily around the neck for quick accessibility when walking with your pet. It’s all about having an ongoing fun and healthy pet lifestyle!
$6.98 USD
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