Dog Training

Flicker for Deaf Dog Training

The Flicker is a specially designed clicker alternative for deaf dogs or sound sensitive dogs. The light can be flashed in order to “mark” a moment in time when a dog performs a correct behaviour, just like a regular clicker. Can also be used by service dog handlers who wish to train in quiet public environment!

$15.00 USD

The Pet Corrector

Stop your dog’s undesirable behaviour with the Pet Corrector! This completely animal safe device emits a hiss of compressed air and produces a broad spectrum sound to interrupt a dog’s unwanted behaviour. No more unwanted barking or jumping up!
$5.55 USD

K9FITbone Canine Core Training Bone

The K9FitBone is a large balance disc that is shaped like a bone. It can be used for weight-bearing exercises, balance training and core training for performance dogs. It provides a fun, low-impact platform for full-body conditioning and toning for small and big dogs alike! Also features sensory bumps for neural stimulation.
$64.99 USD

PoochieBells Dog Potty Training Doorbell

Train your pet to tell you when he has to go potty by having him ring a bell. The PoochieBells Dog Potty Training Doorbell helps you easily and quickly potty train your pup. Simply hang it on the inside of your door handle or small hook next to your door. Make housetraining easy and train your dog beyond puppy pads!
$14.49 USD

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Pre-Loaded with Calming Pet Music

Soothe your pet with this portable wireless speaker, which comes loaded with canine-friendly music. Backed by scientific research, these calming tunes help ease your dog’s anxiety during stressful events, thunderstorms, and travelling. The small durable speaker is Bluetooth-compatible and comes with an attachment wrist strap for multipurpose placement. The unit is rechargeable via USB cable and contains an SD port to customize your music library.
$53.98 USD

Cesar Millan Funny Muzzle

Perfect for obedience training and or aggression, the funny muzzle entertains audiences while keeping your dog from nipping or biting. Made with comfortable nylon and a breathable mesh lining, the muzzle helps keep your dog comfortable while walking in public, taking trips to the vet, or interacting with guests. Choose from four different sizes, each of which comes with an adjustable strap to customize the fit of the muzzle.

Social Comfort “Working on Issues” Vest

Let your family, friends, or passersby politely know that your dog needs his or her space. Whether your pup is shy, feeling sick, or practicing obedience skills, this bright yellow vest helps facilitate unexpected interactions with other people. The social comfort vest is available in 100% cotton duck canvas or water-resistant Sunbrella material for all-weather wear. If your dog wears a harness, you can also opt for a harness-holed version of the vest.

$19.00 USD

The ThunderShirt Anti-Anxiety Vest

From thunderstorms to car rides, help soothe your dog during high-stress events without the need for medication. Easy velcro straps make dressing up a breeze and allow for custom size adjustment. Like a swaddled baby, your pup will feel calm and secure during over-stimulating trips to the vet or periods of separation.

$34.99 USD
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