Treat Dispensing Toys

Biskit Pet Treat Dispenser

The Biskit Pet Treat Dispenser is a fun, colourful, bone shaped treat dispenser that comes with a sturdy clip to attach to your belt or leash. Made of a durable polypropylene material, it is both colourfast and easily cleanable! Use it to reward your dog for a job well done!
$9.99 USD

Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine

Have you ever seen a gum ball machine for dogs? Now you have! And this one doesn’t require you to put in a coin! Train your pet to push the bone shaped handle down to dispense his own treats into the bowl. Your four legged friend will love learning this new trick and the yummy snacks that come along with it!

Starmark Everlasting Groovy Ball Toy

Keep your dog entertained with the Everlasting Groovy Ball! Stuff Fido’s favourite treats or kibble into the grooves and top it off with an Everlasting Treat! Made with a virtually indestructible material, it is stronger than rubber and great for powerful chewers!
$13.32 USD

Jolly Tuff Range Chew Toy

Made of a specially formulated “tuff” blend of rubber, the Jolly Tuff Range is designed to stand up to the most powerful chewers! The unique raised surfaces of the toy helps to clean your dog’s teeth while he chews. The Tuff Range also has a stuffable insideー stuff it with Fido’s favourite snacks and watch him come back for more!
$8.29 USD

Organic Rubb ‘N’ Roll Ball Toy

Make playtime even funner for your dog with the organic Rubb ’N’ Roll Ball Toy! Made from non-toxic, 100% natural rubber, it acts as a great treat dispenser and fetch toy! Put your pup’s favourite treats inside and watch him roll the toy and try to paw them out! Durable for hours of fun!
$16.22 USD

Mighty Moose Treat Holder with Elk Antler Chew Toy

Treat your pet to this two in one, Elk Antler and Treat Holder Chew Toy! Made of a super durable rubber, it has special grips on both sides of his head that is designed to hold the elk antler in place. Mighty Moose can also hold kibble, cheese, or other special treats no problem!

Pet Projekt Tretkon Dog Treat Cone Toy

Stuff this large Tretkon Dog Treat Cone with Fido’s favourite treats! Its unique cone shape allows for it to roll while dispensing its yummy goods. Also great for fetching and training! Made from 100% natural rubber, it will stand up to a good chewing and you don’t have to worry because the toy is BPA, cadmium and lead free!

Buster Food Cube

Stimulate your dog mentally with the durable Buster Food Cube. No more free meals- your pup will have to work for his food! Depending on how fast your pooch figures out the toy, you can control how fast the treats fall out with simple twist controls. Now he can exercise himself while getting a bite to eat!
$19.98 USD

Orbee-Tuff Lil’ Bulb

Break out from the masses with the Orbee-Tuff Lil’ Bulb. It’s the perfect size for wee 4-legged elves. Its vintage design coupled with traditional colours brings back the holidays of yesteryear. Lil’ Bulb has a lil’ Treat Spot to stuff tiny nuggets of holiday leftovers. It’s the perfect way to keep Bitsy busy after a big feast!
$8.99 USD

The Unbreakoball Ball Toy

No pairing seems more natural than that of a playful dog and his favourite ball. Unbreakoball is virtually indestructible and is large enough to render ingestion impossible. Crafted in the United States, it is designed for the roughest and toughest of all players. For added fun, you can even slip a few small treats into the ball through the holes!
$16.66 USD

Jolly Pets Monster Ball Toy

Part ball, part mouth, part treat dispenser and part awesomeness! This ball looks cool and is super versatile. Designed to offer a playful bounce at fetch time and features a flexible mouth to stuff the hollow enter with treats for reward time. Ready to provide your dog with hours of chewing and fun!
$7.29 USD

Treat Dispensing Sodapup Chew Toy

Treat your dog to a can of Sodapup! This Treat Dispensing Sodapup Chew Toy is made from an all natural rubber material and is very durable. Designed to dispense treats, simply fill the can inside with your pup’s favourite snacks or kibble and watch him entertained for hours!
$19.99 USD

Kettlebell Dog Toy

The Kettlebell is a super-bouncy, exclusively designed dog toy that is made from natural black rubber that is puncture resistant- perfect for average chewing dogs! You can even stuff your kettle bell toy with snacks and treats to keep your pet occupied for hours. The handle also makes it great for tugging!
$15.95 USD

Snack and Dash Treat Launcher

“Treat” your dog well with the Snack and Dash Treat Launcher. The Treat Launcher is equipped with an easily accessible trigger and a treat compartment that you can fill with your dog’s favourite snacks. Watch as your pet chases after his favourite treats, which can be launched up to 8-10 feet away!
$17.99 USD

Forchun Cookie Dog Toy

Spoil your dog with this 100% natural rubber Forchun Cookie toy! Instead of containing your dog’s fortune of the day, the inside is stuffable so you can put your pet’s favourite treats or kibble inside the toy. Bright colours make it easy to see for dogs and it also works great as a fetch toy!
$8.00 USD
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