Fetching Toys

Goughnuts Stick Chew Toy

The Goughnuts Stick Chew Toy is great for chewing, fetch and interactive play. Designed with aggressive chewers in mind, it is great for even the most destructive of pups! With its two layered technology, you’ll know if the toy is still safe for your dog to chew on based on what color you see! Guaranteed for life.
$16.33 USD

Starmark Everlasting Groovy Ball Toy

Keep your dog entertained with the Everlasting Groovy Ball! Stuff Fido’s favourite treats or kibble into the grooves and top it off with an Everlasting Treat! Made with a virtually indestructible material, it is stronger than rubber and great for powerful chewers!
$13.32 USD

Organic Rubb ‘N’ Roll Ball Toy

Make playtime even funner for your dog with the organic Rubb ’N’ Roll Ball Toy! Made from non-toxic, 100% natural rubber, it acts as a great treat dispenser and fetch toy! Put your pup’s favourite treats inside and watch him roll the toy and try to paw them out! Durable for hours of fun!
$16.22 USD

Cheech Fetch Ball

What a great smile you’ve got there! The patented design of this funny Cheech Fetch Ball ensures that when you pooch is holding it, you will be greeted with a smile! Made from a durable synthetic rubber material, it is great for fetch and taking kooky pictures of your dog!

Pet Projekt Tretkon Dog Treat Cone Toy

Stuff this large Tretkon Dog Treat Cone with Fido’s favourite treats! Its unique cone shape allows for it to roll while dispensing its yummy goods. Also great for fetching and training! Made from 100% natural rubber, it will stand up to a good chewing and you don’t have to worry because the toy is BPA, cadmium and lead free!

Dublin Dog Gripple Dog Toy

Does your dog like to fetch? Tug? Chew? If yes, then he would love the Dublin Dog Gripple Dog Toy! Its ergonomic design allows for erratic bounce and play- it even floats! The rope attachment allows for easy tossing and also gives you the upper hand when it’s time to pry this wonderful toy out of Fido’s jaws.
$15.95 USD

Rugged Rubber Bomb Dog Toy

There won’t be any kabooms from this bomb! Made with 100% pure rubber, this Rugged Rubber Bomb Toy is designed for the rough and tough dogs in mind. It is great for fetching and the rope helps to achieve maximum throwing distance. Built to be tons of powerful fun!
$9.16 USD

Waggos Anchors Aweigh Toy

Cruise into playful waters with the Anchors Aweigh Toy! Perfect for the salty paw in your family- throw it, fetch it, chew it! Floats in water and will stand up to hours of fun. Choose from nautical navy or classic cherry for a toy that will keep your water dog busy on sea or on land!
$14.89 USD

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Nooks

Orbee-Tuff Nooks are a hole new ball for a hole new ball game! They’re like nothing you’ve seen before, each features a whimsical shape- perfect for stuffing with tiny treats or favourite stuffing. Doggie-durable, bouncy, buoyant and minty! These boredom busters will have your dogs seeking treats in every nook and cranny!
$12.95 USD

Planet Dog Orbee Bone

Offer your pup some chewy goodness with the most curiously durable “funny bone” on the market! This best-selling, all-favourite Orbee Bone is great for fetching or gnawing and is the backbone of playtime fun. Bouncy and floats in water! Available in 4 sizes for every sized dog out there!
$14.95 USD

Orbee-Tuff Lil’ Bulb

Break out from the masses with the Orbee-Tuff Lil’ Bulb. It’s the perfect size for wee 4-legged elves. Its vintage design coupled with traditional colours brings back the holidays of yesteryear. Lil’ Bulb has a lil’ Treat Spot to stuff tiny nuggets of holiday leftovers. It’s the perfect way to keep Bitsy busy after a big feast!
$8.99 USD

Jolly Pets Monster Ball Toy

Part ball, part mouth, part treat dispenser and part awesomeness! This ball looks cool and is super versatile. Designed to offer a playful bounce at fetch time and features a flexible mouth to stuff the hollow enter with treats for reward time. Ready to provide your dog with hours of chewing and fun!
$7.29 USD

Zanies Funny Face Ball Toys

Spoil your pet with a pack of these expressive multi-coloured latex ball toys! Unlike your traditional ball toy, each one of these latex balls has its own creative expression, your pooch will love playing fetch with these! Made of 100% latex, they are durable and can stand up to a good episode of chewing.
$22.99 USD

Flossy Chew Toy

Floss your dog’s teeth as they chew and play! Your pet will love tugging and tossing this colourful Flossy Chew Toy. Made from premium cottonblend rope fibers, it is highly durable and can last even against some of the strongest chewers. A great and fun way to help clean off tarter from your pet’s teeth!
$3.35 USD

Nero Ball

Train, motivate and strengthen the bond between you and your dog! The Nero Ball is used by Police K-9 and Military Working Dog Teams worldwide. The Nero Ball consists of a 100% natural rubber ball attached to a strong nylon rope. The rope allows you to throw the ball further! No cumbersome launcher needed!
$15.95 USD
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