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Goughnuts Stick Chew Toy

The Goughnuts Stick Chew Toy is great for chewing, fetch and interactive play. Designed with aggressive chewers in mind, it is great for even the most destructive of pups! With its two layered technology, you’ll know if the toy is still safe for your dog to chew on based on what color you see! Guaranteed for life.
$16.33 USD

BonOflosS Dental Hygiene Toy

What if your dog could floss his teeth while he chews and plays? Designed by Emanuele Bianchi, the BonOflosS is an ingenious dental hygiene toy that provides flossing action to your dog as his teeth penetrates through the replaceable inner mesh core while playing. Available in a variety of sizes and color combinations!
$3.99 USD

Biskit Pet Treat Dispenser

The Biskit Pet Treat Dispenser is a fun, colourful, bone shaped treat dispenser that comes with a sturdy clip to attach to your belt or leash. Made of a durable polypropylene material, it is both colourfast and easily cleanable! Use it to reward your dog for a job well done!
$9.99 USD

Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine

Have you ever seen a gum ball machine for dogs? Now you have! And this one doesn’t require you to put in a coin! Train your pet to push the bone shaped handle down to dispense his own treats into the bowl. Your four legged friend will love learning this new trick and the yummy snacks that come along with it!

Starmark Everlasting Groovy Ball Toy

Keep your dog entertained with the Everlasting Groovy Ball! Stuff Fido’s favourite treats or kibble into the grooves and top it off with an Everlasting Treat! Made with a virtually indestructible material, it is stronger than rubber and great for powerful chewers!
$13.32 USD

Jolly Tuff Range Chew Toy

Made of a specially formulated “tuff” blend of rubber, the Jolly Tuff Range is designed to stand up to the most powerful chewers! The unique raised surfaces of the toy helps to clean your dog’s teeth while he chews. The Tuff Range also has a stuffable insideー stuff it with Fido’s favourite snacks and watch him come back for more!
$8.29 USD

Organic Rubb ‘N’ Roll Ball Toy

Make playtime even funner for your dog with the organic Rubb ’N’ Roll Ball Toy! Made from non-toxic, 100% natural rubber, it acts as a great treat dispenser and fetch toy! Put your pup’s favourite treats inside and watch him roll the toy and try to paw them out! Durable for hours of fun!
$16.22 USD

Outward Hound Crunchy and Squeaky Bottle Buddy

This water bottle buddy crunches and squeaks for twice the fun! Made with a Dura-Tuff inner lining, it is resistant to both chews and rips. The water bottle is replaceable, simply switch out the irresistible squeaker cap! Treat your pup to some bottle crunchin’ fun!
$8.99 USD

Cheech Fetch Ball

What a great smile you’ve got there! The patented design of this funny Cheech Fetch Ball ensures that when you pooch is holding it, you will be greeted with a smile! Made from a durable synthetic rubber material, it is great for fetch and taking kooky pictures of your dog!

Rubber Furniture Leg Cover

Protect the legs of your furniture from the teeth of your pup with this Chew Leg Cover! This natural rubber sleeve wraps around any table or chair and is durable enough to stand up to your dog’s teeth yet soft enough to make the chewing fun. This two in one furniture protector and dog toy is both fun and practical!

$26.78 USD

Squeaky Hemp Carrot Dog Toy

This earth friendly Hemp Carrot Dog Toy is great for dogs weighing more than 20 pounds (or those who think they do!). The inner toy is stuffed with organic cotton and a squeaker. To ensure extra durability, it is built with 3 tough layers of hemp canvas around the inner toy. A fun, made to order squeaky toy!

$18.95 USD

100 Dollar Bill Dog Squeaky Toy

Your dog is richer than he thinks with this 100 Dollar Bill Squeaky toy! The design is embroidered on sturdy 100% cotton duck canvas or fleece by choice. Now your pup can chew and play with money all he wants with no consequence! Now the question is, how long will 100 dollars last?

$12.00 USD

Extra Durable Pepperoni Pizza Toy

Did anyone order an extra large slice of squeaky pizza? This 8” by 8” toy is made of 100% cotton medium weight fabric, and is filled with polyfil and a squeaker. For added durability, the pizza is constructed with an inner layer of ripstop nylon. Each toy is handcrafted with love, and can be made without the squeaker.

$18.99 USD

Mighty Moose Treat Holder with Elk Antler Chew Toy

Treat your pet to this two in one, Elk Antler and Treat Holder Chew Toy! Made of a super durable rubber, it has special grips on both sides of his head that is designed to hold the elk antler in place. Mighty Moose can also hold kibble, cheese, or other special treats no problem!

Benebone Wishbone Bacon Flavored Chew Toy

No pup can resist the scent and taste of bacon! The Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy is deliciously flavoured with 100% bacon and features a curved design that allows your dog to chew easily and comfortably by popping one end up. Only ingredients are nylon and bacon. Yum!
$6.35 USD
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