Dog Accessories

Herman Hammerhead Doggie Poo Bag Holder

Herman the monster has his mouth open and is ready to hold your doggie poo bags! Made of fleece and felt, he has a lever clasp on the top of his head attached by a black ribbon. Holding a couple of rolled up grocery bags or a roll of store bought doggie bag is no problem for him!

$10.00 USD

TaoTronics Handheld UV Flashlight

Keep your house stain free with the TaoTronics handheld UV flashlight. The flashlight makes spotting urine and invisible food stains a breeze. The backlight helps to show the fluorescence staining more clearly, making it easier to see the different stains on surfaces. Batteries included, 3 AAA batteries last up to 5 hours for this device.
$9.99 USD

Silicone Duck Bill Muzzle

Muzzles don’t need to look intimidating! Made of high quality silicone, this cute duck-billed muzzle non-toxic is soft and comfortable for your pet. It helps to prevent licking, biting, chewing all while allowing your dog to breathe normally. Also effective at restricting aggressive behaviour.

Doggie Day Approach Pack by Ruffwear

Perfect for hiking, long walks, or overnight camping, this pup pack features two expandable zip pockets and a padded top handle. Store food, water, and outdoor items in your dog’s pack to enhance their workout and keep important goods on hand. Help your dog negotiate tough terrain and lift them comfortably in or out of cars with the assistance handle.

$79.95 USD

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