Funny “5MPH Dogs at Play” Aluminum Dog Sign

Funny “5MPH Dogs at Play” Aluminum Dog Sign

Adorn and decorate the space around your home with some cute and colourful dog signs! Each dog sign is handmade and unique; they feature original artwork that is surely not for sale at your local store! A one of a kind item that you’ll only find here 🙂 The one we’re featuring here is the “5MPH Dogs at Play” aluminum dog sign. There are also a variety of different dog signs available by the same creator, simply give their Etsy shop a browse!

Slow down people!!! Kids at play? More like dogs at play!! Remind people to slow down in their veichles around doggy friendly areas with this one of a kind “5MPH Dogs at Play” aluminum dog sign! Each dog sign is fully weatherproof and UV resistant- think street sign sturdy! This dog sign would be sure to liven up your space…not to mention that it would also be a great conversation piece! 😉

Each aluminum dog sign measures 9” x 12”.


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$25.95 USD

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