Dog Technology

The Pettag+

The Pettag+ is the first and only pet tag that you can play with that attaches to your dog’s collar! Unlike other dog wearable technology, Pettag+ delivers activity monitoring and tracking in a fun game-like user experience. Easily track and monitor Fido’s eating, playing, activities and whereabouts throughout the day on your mobile phone!

$65.00 USD

Go-Go Motorized Dog Pal Chase Toy

Allow your dog the thrill of the chase with this fun remote-operated dog toy. Your pup will love chasing this durable all-terrain toy, and you’ll have just as much fun driving it! Its low center of gravity and heavy-duty contoured design will stand up to pouncing and chewing, so this toy is a safe option for your next backyard playtime.

LED Poochlight Double Rainbow Light-Up Collar

Keep your dog safe while looking fabulous! This rechargeable LED color cycles through 180 colors, fading from bold reds to elegant blues. Choose between a fast and slow fade for customizable appearance, or opt for a steady one-color shine. Perfect for night walks, this charming collar features D-ring leash compatibility for quick and easy use. Easily charge it by plugging it into a USB port!

$28.98 USD

Squeaker Buddy GPS Light-Up Fitness Collar

As the apex of wearable doggie technology, the Buddy collar is an all-in-one activity monitor, planner, GPS locator, safety LED light, and—of course—traditional D-ring collar. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a durable waterproof design that tracks your dog’s fitness, temperature, and movement. Use your app to set a Geofence perimeter so that you can monitor if Fido’s escaped the yard (again!) or save important veterinary reminders.

$180.00 USD

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8-Volt Pet Grooming Kit

Avoid the pain and hassle of traditional doggie nail clippers with an easy-to-use nail file rotary gremel. Featuring two rotation speeds for easier maneuvering, the grooming rotary tool is compatible with most ½-inch diameter sanding bands for easy head replacement. Its 9-Volt rechargeable battery pack allows for up to 2-hours of continuous use. The rotary tool helps you shape and file away rough edges around your pet’s nails to avoid snagging, discomfort, and chewing.
$29.99 USD

DogStar TailTalk Emotion Sensor for Dogs

Decode your dog’s communicative behavior with the TailTalk emotion sensor! Based on the subtleties of your dog’s wagging patterns, TailTalk sends live updates to your phone to help you track your dog’s mental state while you’re away or at work. The Dogstar app logs your dog’s emotional patterns to help troubleshoot tricky behavior and translate their interactions.

$99.00+ USD

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Pre-Loaded with Calming Pet Music

Soothe your pet with this portable wireless speaker, which comes loaded with canine-friendly music. Backed by scientific research, these calming tunes help ease your dog’s anxiety during stressful events, thunderstorms, and travelling. The small durable speaker is Bluetooth-compatible and comes with an attachment wrist strap for multipurpose placement. The unit is rechargeable via USB cable and contains an SD port to customize your music library.
$53.98 USD
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