Adjustable Frenchie Dog Bracelet

Adjustable Frenchie Dog Bracelet

How about adding this beautiful, handmade Frenchie dog bracelet to your jewelry collection? Or perhaps as a gift? This lovely adjustable bracelet is designed and forged out of sterling silver for a comfortable fit. If you’re looking for a different dog breed, custom orders are also available!

Each French bulldog silhouette is hand sawed and stamped with a heart symbol before being fused (attached through heat) to the end of the sterling silver cuff. Careful oxidized detail is then added to the heart stamp in order to make it more visually apparent. Please note that while the cuff is adjustable, frequent adjustment is not recommended as there is the possibility that it will weaken the metal over time.

Inner circumference of the bracelet: 7.20″ inches (Small-Med)
Weight: 12 grams

Size of bracelet (general size):
depth = 2.50 inches
width = 2.50 inches
thickness of wire = 0.11 inches

Size of frenchie silhouette:
depth = 0.09 inches
width = 0.55 inches
height= 0.51 inches

Cuff can be made to order in you size. Keep in mind that this is an adjustable cuff! Contact me if you need measurement assistance:
Small (Size 2.4) = 2.25″ Diameter = 7″ Circumference
Medium (Size 2.6) = 2.375 Diameter = 7.5″ Circumference
Large (Size 2.8) = 2.5″ Diameter = 7.85″ Circumference


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$78.00+ USD

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