No-Pull Thunder Leash

Train your dog to heel while walking with the pain-free Thunder Leash, which attaches to any existing collar. The simple design clips easily to your dog’s collar like a standard leash, and contains a comfortable body strap to provide your dog with positive choke-free feedback. Perfect for chronic leash pullers or large excitable dogs, this attachable harness is portable and highly effective.
$29.95 USD

Little Fox Face Adjustable Dog Collar

This adorable Little Fox Face Dog Collar has a black background and is placed on orange heavyweight webbing for high durability. Each collar comes with your choice of buckle and is adjustable to ensure the perfect fit for your pet. Each collar is lovingly handmade to order.

$15.50+ USD

Custom Dog Leash Holder

How about a Custom Dog Leash Holder for you and your pup? Cute and practical, this dog leash holder combination will include an artwork of your pup as well as his name on a bone! How cute is that? A heavy duty key hook on the back assures proper hanging with bumpers to protect your wall. Hand cut and painted with love!

$30.00 USD

Custom Cresent Moon Dog Tag

Attach this delicate Cresent Moon Dog Tag to your dog’s collar for a peace of mind. Hand made from copper, nickel silver and yellow brass metals, it can be personalized with your pup’s name and contact information. In addition to the crescent moon, the tag is also adorned with star and swirly designs for a cute overall look!

$24.00 USD

Custom Leather Dog Collar with Swarovski Crystals

This personalized leather dog collar features silver bones and velvet swarovski crystals- how pretty! Your pup’s name will be engraved onto a durable brass name plate. This beautiful collar is made to order, according to your size preferences. Matching leashes are also available!

$45.00 USD

Custom Dog Collars by The Hound Haberdashery

Collars don’t have to be plain and boring! At the Hound Haberdashery, you can have custom dog collars made in a variety of colourful and pretty designs especially for your pup! Each collar is made with love from the most high quality of fabrics and ribbons. ❤️

$23.95+ USD

Personalized Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

What better way for your dog to eat than with his very own set of personalized, stainless steel dog bowls? The customized bone on the bowl is made of ceramic and will be stamped with your pups name to ensure that only he gets to eat out of it (unless he wants to share)! Each bowl holds a quart of noms and are a great size for medium to larger sized dogs.

$39.95+ USD

Yabber Squeaky Cellphone Chew Toy

Who’s calling? The Yabber Squeaky Plush Cellphone Chew Toy provides your pet a safe and fun alternative to chewing on your expensive iPhone. Each soft cellphone toy is fun to chew and fun to squeak! Now you can share the toy that your pup sees you with the most, a phone!

Bad Dog Glass Drinking Tumblers

Add a touch of humor to your home kitchen or restaurant with these Bad Dog pint glasses. Each item in this set of four captures a unique (and all too familiar) act of doggie disobedience. Celebrate the hilarious frustrations of dog ownership with these novelty American-made designs, and watch as each pup does the exact opposite of what they’re asked.

$35.00 USD

Puff-n-Fluff Dog Dryer

Avoid wet-dog smell with this wearable dog fur dryer. The deflated vest fits easily over your dog’s body and comfortable elastic neck and leg closures keep air in. Turn on the drying device and watch as your dog is soothed by the inflated vest, which is perfect for cold rainy days or grooming routines.

$44.95 USD

No Fart Dog Treats

Say goodbye to your dog’s gassy farts with these No Fart All Natural Dog Treats. Yes they work and no you can’t feed them to your husband! The active ingredient in these dog treats is organic ginger powder. Two other ingredients, pumpkin and carrot also work over time to get your pup’s belly in balance. Pop them into the microwave and they’ll be extra soft and yummy!

$8.00 USD

Oxgord Pooper Scooper Sanitary Remover

You will never have to bend over and grab your pet’s waste again - the OxGord Waste Scooper will make cleaning up after your pet a breeze! At over 2 ft in height, it will keep your hand well away from the nasty “business” that is part of owning a pet. Made out of a durable material to ensure long lasting use and easy cleaning.
$5.95 USD

Natural Rapport’s Beef Bite Treats

Dogs go ballistic over Natural Rapport's Beef Bite treats! Made entirely from all natural, freeze dried raw meat with no ingredients from China or any other countries, they contain no fillers, no additives, simply 100% USDA inspected meat! Each treat is bite size, making it perfect for training! Even finicky dogs will love them!
$19.95 USD

Handmade Wooden Dog Puzzle

Build your own Wooden Dog Puzzle! These creative and detailed pieces are hand-made from Red Oak using a scroll saw and finished with a layer of mineral oil for shine. Glue the pieces together and you’ve got yourself a fantastic home decor piece. Various dog breeds available, pick your favourite!

$7.50 USD

Personalized Dog Treat Baskets

Celebrate your dog’s barkday or special occasion with these customized dog treat baskets! Each basket comes with 38-40 biscuits, 2 bags of treats and a squeak toy. Treats are all made fresh to order with natural and organic ingredients. Your pup will be the happiest dog around!

$55.00 USD

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