Dog Harness with Six Pack Holder

You never know when a Dog Harness with a Six Pack Holder will come in handy! This fun dog harness fits medium to large dogs and carries any 6-pack, whether it be pop or beer. Handmade to order from 100% genuine leather and brass materials. An instant crowd pleaser!

$29.99 USD

Genuine Leather Matching Dog Collar and Owner Bracelet Set

What if you and your pup could have matching collars and bracelets? Now you can! This beautiful dog collar and owner bracelet set is made of 100% genuine leather and is naturally vegetable tanned. How awesome is it to be able to go about your day knowing that you and your pup are so specially linked?

$95.00+ USD

Custom Dog Leash Holder

How about a Custom Dog Leash Holder for you and your pup? Cute and practical, this dog leash holder combination will include an artwork of your pup as well as his name on a bone! How cute is that? A heavy duty key hook on the back assures proper hanging with bumpers to protect your wall. Hand cut and painted with love!

$30.00 USD

Bubble Quilt Dog Bed

Pamper your pup with this cute and comfy dog biscuit bed! Squishy and soft, your dog will never want to get off of this bubble quilt! Made from poly-filled cotton biscuits, it really does feel like a hug! It can be used as a stand-alone bed, crate liner, or even in the back seat of your car when your travel!

$112.00+ USD

Climbing Rope Dog Leash

Looking for a durable walking lead for your pet? This Climbing Rope Dog Leash is custom made with strong, medium to extra large sized dogs in mind. Choose to have it made in your preferred choice of length, with a SS Clip or a Carabiner. The rope is made of multi-stranded nylon/polymer fibers, all of which meets UIAA standards.

$29.95+ USD

Organic Wool Dog Cave Bed

It’s no secret that pets like boxes and hiding places, so they will love this covered wool bed! Made from completely natural, 100% organic undyed wool, this Cave Hole is decorated with hand knitted details that can be customized with your favourite colours. Each bed will be specially custom made for your pet.

$63.68+ USD

Julius K9 Power Harness with Custom Label

Originally designed for professional use with police and rescue dogs, the power harness provides optimal utility and comfort for your dog. Quality water-resistant materials and breathable cotton straps allow for full range of motion. Easy buckle closure and adjustable sizing are ideal for agility training or outdoor adventures. Customized fluorescent velcro labels available for the harness.
$50.99 USD

“I Need Space” Dog Leash Sleeves (Other phrases available!)

Let your dog enjoy some extra space with his own personalized “I Need Space” Leash Sleeve. Designed to slip over just about any leash, anyone passing by will be able to see your message! Each sleeve has 3 snaps for easy attachment to your leash and it can even be clipped around dog collars!

$9.00 USD

ZippyPaws Squeakie Emojiz Squeaky Heart Eyes Toy

Can't get enough of emojis on your phone? Let your dog express himself with emojis! This fun squeaky toy includes 2 round squeakers to entertain your canine friend! Cute, fun and quirky! Approx. size of toy is 7” x 7” x 2”. Squeaky toys don’t get as cute as this emoji and your dog will love it!
$5.55 USD

Cesar Millan Funny Muzzle

Perfect for obedience training and or aggression, the funny muzzle entertains audiences while keeping your dog from nipping or biting. Made with comfortable nylon and a breathable mesh lining, the muzzle helps keep your dog comfortable while walking in public, taking trips to the vet, or interacting with guests. Choose from four different sizes, each of which comes with an adjustable strap to customize the fit of the muzzle.

Go-Go Motorized Dog Pal Chase Toy

Allow your dog the thrill of the chase with this fun remote-operated dog toy. Your pup will love chasing this durable all-terrain toy, and you’ll have just as much fun driving it! Its low center of gravity and heavy-duty contoured design will stand up to pouncing and chewing, so this toy is a safe option for your next backyard playtime.

Funny Smiling Dog Muzzle

SMILE! Looking for a one-of-a-kind dog muzzle? How ‘bout this one here? Black in color, this dog muzzle features a realistic dog nose along with large smiley teeth! Made of non-toxic plastic and nylon, it is harmless for your pup to wear and allows him to breathe easily with his mouth open.

$40.00+ USD

Alessi Lula Dog Bowl with Lid

Dog bowls don’t have to be plain and boring! How about a stylish feeding dish with a howling dog on top? Designed by Miriam Mirri, this cute dog bowl is constructed of high quality stainless steel, and comes with a protective lid that helps to stop your dog from grazing at his food all day. Which color would you like it in?
$45.00 USD

Puff-n-Fluff Dog Dryer

Avoid wet-dog smell with this wearable dog fur dryer. The deflated vest fits easily over your dog’s body and comfortable elastic neck and leg closures keep air in. Turn on the drying device and watch as your dog is soothed by the inflated vest, which is perfect for cold rainy days or grooming routines.

$44.95 USD

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