SnugglePuppy Behavioral Aid Toy

The Snuggle Puppy provides calming reassurance to pets with separation anxiety or loneliness. Disposable warming packs and a gentle battery-operated pulse imitates the warmth and heartbeat of their mother, allowing your dog to feel comforted. When your dog’s friend needs a bath, simply remove its battery pack and machine wash for maximum freshness.
$39.95 USD

The ThunderShirt Anti-Anxiety Vest

From thunderstorms to car rides, help soothe your dog during high-stress events without the need for medication. Easy velcro straps make dressing up a breeze and allow for custom size adjustment. Like a swaddled baby, your pup will feel calm and secure during over-stimulating trips to the vet or periods of separation.

$34.99 USD

Custom Cuddle Clone of Your Pet

Order your custom handmade Cuddle Clone to comfort your pet or help ease the pain of separation. These detail-oriented designs replicate your favorite pet photos in soft 3D plush, making them ideal for long-distance snuggling or bringing to college. The realistic cuddle replica may also help ease the pain of losing a pet.

$249 USD

Odin Updog Puzzle Toy

Keep your dog active with this modern puzzle toy feeder. Easy-to-use openings dispense food when your pet jostles the toy, which is perfect for pacing overeaters. The modular design compliments any home décor and additional segments can be attached in any variety of configurations.

$23.00 USD

West Paw Design Zogoflex® Zisc Flying Disc Toy

The Zisc is a highflying frisbee disc toy that’s both extremely tough yet gentle on a dog’s mouth. Zisc is easy to throw, extremely durable and does not puncture easily. Made of soft plastic, they are lightweight and floatable and will keep your dogs engaged and entertained. Its flexibility also makes it a great item for tug-o-war. Glows in the dark! Available in 6.5" Small and 8.5” Large sizes. Made in USA, certified-safe and guaranteed to last.

$14.50 USD

ZippyPaws Aquarium Fish Hide and Seek Toy

This burrow hide and seek toy is an interactive puzzle toy that both entertains and challenges your dog. the water aquarium acts as a burrow for the 3 squeaky fish. Put the fishes inside and watch your dog bury their noses in to dig them right out! Put them back in and burrow again and again for hours of fun!
$9.13 USD

Paw Boss Doggie Foot Washer

The Paw Boss is the ultimate portable station for cleaning your pet’s paws. Separate clean and dirty water reservoirs help ensure freshness, while an easy entry hole prevents splashes. A gentle rubber finger-like mat helps loosen dirt and bacteria from your pet’s paws, eliminating the need for moving parts. Accessible corner spouts allow for easy filling and emptying.
$29.99 USD

Gopet Indoor Doggie Treadwheel

Help your dog manage excess energy safely with this large doggie exercise wheel. Perfect for small spaces, the treadwheel features soft, mildew-resistant tread for comfortable and hygienic use. The stable tension-controlled construction is designed to be safe for unsupervised use.
$529.55 USD

Cubix Modern Dog House

Shelter your dog in style with this modern doghouse inspired by the architecture of Bauhaus-era designers. The spacious interior allows just the right amount of natural light and provides your dog with a cozy outdoor space. Its roof features a built-in water drainage system and removeable cleaning lids at the rear for easy maintenance.

$5500 USD

Waterproof Pet Umbrella with Leash

Keep your dog dry in any weather with this simple outdoor-ready solution. Hold the comfortable umbrella handle and attach the inside leash to your dog’s collar for fuss-free walks in the rain or snow. The convex umbrella canopy shields your dog from inclement weather while its transparent finish allows you to see your pet clearly.

Doggie Day Approach Pack by Ruffwear

Perfect for hiking, long walks, or overnight camping, this pup pack features two expandable zip pockets and a padded top handle. Store food, water, and outdoor items in your dog’s pack to enhance their workout and keep important goods on hand. Help your dog negotiate tough terrain and lift them comfortably in or out of cars with the assistance handle.

$79.95 USD

Charlie Chau Snuggle Bed

Allow your dog to burrow into luxury with this envelope-style covered bed. Supersoft fleece lining and durable woven fabric are functional and extra cozy, especially during cold weather months. Its removeable cover and mattress insert are both machine washable for easy care. Opt for a waterproof mattress cover to insure against leaks and spills.

$73.00 USD

Upholstered Dog Bed Sofa

Treat your pooch to exceptional comfort in this handmade doggie bed lounger sofa. Its raised construction allows for ample airflow and gives your dog the opportunity to hang a paw off the edge of this expertly upholstered mini sofa. A spacious design provides ample space to sleep and soft foam backrests.

$219.31 USD

iFetch Interactive Tennis Ball Launcher

Keep your dog entertained while avoiding “toss exhaustion” on your part. This automatic tennis ball launcher features an easy loading cone for your pet to deposit the ball. An automatic feeder mechanism safely launches tennis balls for your dog to retrieve, while adjustable launch settings allow for customized fetch distance.
$115.00 USD

Julius K9 Power Harness with Custom Label

Originally designed for professional use with police and rescue dogs, the power harness provides optimal utility and comfort for your dog. Quality water-resistant materials and breathable cotton straps allow for full range of motion. Easy buckle closure and adjustable sizing are ideal for agility training or outdoor adventures. Customized fluorescent velcro labels available for the harness.
$50.99 USD
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