Indestructible Dog Toys – The Best Tough Toys for Tough Dogs

Are you looking for a dog toy that your dog simply can’t destroy? Perhaps you have already bought many “indestructible dog toys” only to be picking their ravaged pieces up from your rug a few hours later and maybe even from between your dog’s teeth? If this is you please read on as this article is going to explore the very best indestructible dog toys of today and why they are so great for your dog.
There is certainly a need for tough dog toys, our dogs like to chew and they should be given that opportunity to chew safely for a number of reasons. Chewing is natural stress relief for dogs, it releases calming hormones into the body of the dog and makes the animal feel much better if he is worried about something.
indestructible dog toys

Indestructible Dog Toys – The Search for the Holy Grail

Why Should We Supply Tough Dog Toys To Our Best Friend?

There are a number of reasons for us to persevere in the search for durable dog toys, in order to supply a dog with his own toys to chew. As I mentioned before chewing is a great stress relief for dogs. It calms and settles an anxious animal. Other reasons to choose carefully when looking for dog toys are:
  • A well designed dog toy is a much better option than feeding rawhide type treats to your dog for chewing. Rawhide is chemically treated skin that is closer to leather than food, its best avoided. When a dog swallows rawhide chews he is ingesting a foreign body which has no nutritional value and quite a lot of risk.
  • A good tough dog toy will often be designed to hold treats or tasty paste therefore be nicely interactive too. Part of a dog’s emotional needs include the opportunity to problem solve under their own steam, therefore when we supply durable dog toys that can stand a lot of hearty chewing, to gain access to treats within, we also meet another of our dog’s emotional needs.
  • Dental hygiene is vitally important for our dogs. When a dog chews a durable dog toy the teeth are naturally cleaned as a lucky side effect. If tartar builds up on the teeth of a dog it can lead to dental disease which can actually shorten a dog’s lifespan by 10%. This is a worrying fact that bypasses many loving dog owners.
  • Dogs chew things for a number of reasons, they can be anxious, bored, stressed, worried or simply cutting new teeth (during adolescence). It’s a good idea to try and work out why your own dog is chewing and cater to their related needs along with supplying them something to chew of their own.

indestructible dog toy

By using up your dog’s physical and mental energy and providing the right durable dog toys you can cater to your dog’s needs as an individual. That way your own belongings don’t fall victim to those strong canine jaws.

Do Indestructible Dog Toys Actually Exist?

Sadly, no they don’t, by their very nature of being nice to chew, no dog toy is resilient to the strongest chewer. Thankfully though most of us can find a durable dog toy that will withstand the jaws of our own dog, by careful research along with knowing what to look for.

How does your own dog chew?

There are, generally speaking, three types of chewer in the dog world.
1.) The gentle mouthed animal will barely leave a tooth mark in his chosen toy. This dog can usually love an indestructible plush dog toy for its entire life, whilst a strong chewer would eat a plush toy for breakfast.
2.) The middle chewer may take some of the softest toys apart but is no match for good, durable dog toys.
3.) Then there is the tenacious hound that will destroy everything in his path. If you live with a tenacious chewer then you probably find bits of his latest toy for weeks after the bulk of it went in the trash.
Tough dog toys can be hard to find. I have lost count of how many toys that promised great, long lasting, chew power until they ended up in the jaws of tenacious terrier Vinny.
It’s important to explore your own dog’s capacity for destruction when you are choosing a toy or toys for him to play with and exercise his jaws on. Read the small print and explore the potential of each toy before buying.

Indestructible Dog Toys – Safety First

It’s vital that we look at safety when we start exploring robust dog toys. There are some serious concerns that must be addressed when looking for toys, whether we want a teething toy for a tenacious terrier or indestructible toys for pit bulls that love to chew.
The first thing to take into account is the size of the toy. There is no point buying an indestructible dog toy for a chewer, if the toy is too small and can be swallowed whole. Never allow your dog to play with a toy that he can fully get into his mouth in one go. A good guide is to size a toy so that your dog can get no more than ¼ of it into his mouth at once. This extra precaution can be lifesaving.
Never buy a dog toy that has suction capacity. Every single tough dog toy that has a hole in should have a second hole for proper air flow. A dog that sticks his tongue into a toy with no air flow can easily create a vacuum which can be extremely dangerous.
Always opt for a toy that your dog can’t chew up, if possible. When a toy can be chewed into smaller pieces the lumps can be swallowed and end up stuck in the dog’s digestive system, this causes all sorts of problems and the dog will usually need a major operation to remove the foreign body. We are going to be reviewing some of the best, at the end of this article, so take a look before making your next purchase.

Research on Tough Dog Toys

We have spent some time researching the quality and creation of some common and popular dog toys that offer indestructible promises, or at least state that they are very, very tough dog toys. When you have worked out your own dog’s chewing capacity why not take a look at these and see if you can match the two.

1.) Outward Hound Plush Tough Dog Toys

Generally speaking, for the strongest chewer, you may have to expect to forsake the soft, plush toys. Indestructible plush dog toys simply do not exist at this point for the strong and determined chewer. That said for the majority of dogs Outward Hound have done a great job of providing a nearly indestructible plush and squeaky dog toy.
The range of Outward Hound Plush dog toys is headed by the wonderful Squeaker Mat, tough, squeaky and fun, this durable plush dog toy has earned a majority vote of five star reviews for toughness. Squeaker Matz combine crunchy squeaky pocketed fun. Yet they are not meant for the hardiest of chewers, just those that love a squeak but don’t want to take everything apart to get to it. Outward Hound have won many awards for their innovative and well-designed durable plush dog toys.

2.) Kong Extreme Indestructible Dog Toys

One of the oldest household names when we look at dog toys is the Kong. Renowned for their reputation of providing an interactive toy that encourages chewing Kong have developed a whole range of tough durable dog toys over the last few years, toys that are headed by their Extreme range.
Generally speaking molded rubber has been the most successful dog toy, for strong chewers, to this date. Kong Extreme range is extra strong, shaped and molded rubber with a few different shapes and type of toy. Made in the USA the company does not openly advertise a guarantee.

3.) West Paw Durable Dog Toys

West Paw however, are durable and guaranteed. The West Paw range of indestructible dog toys do have a widely advertised guarantee for durability. The Tux treat is an activity ball, super tough and durably floaty toy that is perfect for even the stronger chewers. With a range of treat dispensing features it will keep even the speediest chewer happy. The Zogoflex Tux treat is sold as one of the most durable dog toys available and has rave reviews. Made in the USA and dishwasher friendly too.

4.) Megalast Tough and Squeaky Dog Toy

Megalast Gummi Bear indestructible dog toys are another toy that is receiving superb reviews for their toughness and ability to maintain a squeak despite spending time with in the mouth of the strongest chewer. If your dog loves a squeaky toy but destroys the sound in seconds flat then the Megalast Gummi Bear dog squeaky and indestructible dog toy may be just the one for him. Be warned, you might get fed up of the squeak, it’s so resilient.

5.) Goughnut Guaranteed Indestructible Or Free Replacement

Goughnut dog chew toys are also guaranteed and the company has safety at the forefront of their design. The toys are specifically designed with a red inner that when revealed means it’s time to take the toy away from your dog because safety is compromised. This is a company that really does have your dog’s safety in mind and caters to big chewers with their indestructible dog toys and guarantee.

6.) Nylabone Big Chew Bone

Nylabone move away from the rubber dog toy and have created a super tough, completely nylon, chew toy for strong chewers. Solid and hard, this is a great toy for teeth cleaning and playing fetch. If your dog is soft mouthed he probably won’t be keen on chewing the Nylabone for too long, yet the keen and strong chewer will love this long lasting durable dog toy.
We hope that you have learned something from our experience and research. Whether your dog is a soft chewer that needs a durable soft toy or a super tough chewer that needs a guarantee we have you covered, happy shopping!
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