“Give Me Space” Dog Safety Vest

Give your fur baby a little space by letting others know to stay back with this bright, adjustable vest. This adjustable vest rests over the front shoulders and is designed to be worn like the small service dog vests. Features machine embroidering on both sides of the vest.

$29.99 USD

Dog Harness with Six Pack Holder

You never know when a Dog Harness with a Six Pack Holder will come in handy! This fun dog harness fits medium to large dogs and carries any 6-pack, whether it be pop or beer. Handmade to order from 100% genuine leather and brass materials. An instant crowd pleaser!

$29.99 USD

Blue Polka Dog Vest Harness

Walk your pet in style with this cute Blue Polka Dot Dog Harness! The harness easily goes around your pup using two velcros across the neck and girth area. Comfortable to wear and walk in for your pooch! Every harness is handmade to order to your preferred size.

$16.95+ USD

I Love You Beary Much Vest Harness

I love you beary much! This cute vest harness is made from super soft minky fabric and has velcro closures for an easy on and off. If your dog is a puller, it will also help to alleviate choking as the pressure will be on their chest rather than their sensitive little necks. Adorable and practical!

$25.00 USD

SleepyPod Doggie Safety ClickIt Seatbelt

Ensure your dog’s safety and comfort during car rides with this ergonomically designed doggie seat belt. This neoprene padded car harness has been crash-tested and keeps your dog safely in one place while allowing them to lie down without tangling. The bestselling three-point design contains automotive-grade seat belt materials to keep your dog safe during car rides of any length.

Social Comfort “Working on Issues” Vest

Let your family, friends, or passersby politely know that your dog needs his or her space. Whether your pup is shy, feeling sick, or practicing obedience skills, this bright yellow vest helps facilitate unexpected interactions with other people. The social comfort vest is available in 100% cotton duck canvas or water-resistant Sunbrella material for all-weather wear. If your dog wears a harness, you can also opt for a harness-holed version of the vest.

$19.00 USD

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

Capture dog’s-eye-view footage with this heavy-duty GoPro mountable harness. Featuring an optional chest or back docking station for your camera, this harness is durable and safe for both your pet and your device. Padded mounting locations ensure your dog’s comfort while ergonomic straps ensure full mobility. Quick release bases makes attaching and removing your camera easy! Washable and water safe.
$39.99 USD

Julius K9 Power Harness with Custom Label

Originally designed for professional use with police and rescue dogs, the power harness provides optimal utility and comfort for your dog. Quality water-resistant materials and breathable cotton straps allow for full range of motion. Easy buckle closure and adjustable sizing are ideal for agility training or outdoor adventures. Customized fluorescent velcro labels available for the harness.
$50.99 USD
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