Dog Wearables

LED Poochlight Double Rainbow Light-Up Collar

Keep your dog safe while looking fabulous! This rechargeable LED color cycles through 180 colors, fading from bold reds to elegant blues. Choose between a fast and slow fade for customizable appearance, or opt for a steady one-color shine. Perfect for night walks, this charming collar features D-ring leash compatibility for quick and easy use. Easily charge it by plugging it into a USB port!

$28.98 USD

Squeaker Buddy GPS Light-Up Fitness Collar

As the apex of wearable doggie technology, the Buddy collar is an all-in-one activity monitor, planner, GPS locator, safety LED light, and—of course—traditional D-ring collar. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a durable waterproof design that tracks your dog’s fitness, temperature, and movement. Use your app to set a Geofence perimeter so that you can monitor if Fido’s escaped the yard (again!) or save important veterinary reminders.

$180.00 USD

DogStar TailTalk Emotion Sensor for Dogs

Decode your dog’s communicative behavior with the TailTalk emotion sensor! Based on the subtleties of your dog’s wagging patterns, TailTalk sends live updates to your phone to help you track your dog’s mental state while you’re away or at work. The Dogstar app logs your dog’s emotional patterns to help troubleshoot tricky behavior and translate their interactions.

$99.00+ USD

FitBark Activity Monitor

This bone-shaped activity monitor attaches discretely to your dog’s collar and sends updates to your smartphone. View your dog’s sleep and play habits in real time via the FitBark app for iOS or Android. Analyze your pet's health trends and monitor well-being while you’re away. Useful charts and status reports allow you to share helpful data with vets and trainers.
$69.95 USD

Pavlovian Puppy Potty Training Pad

Housetrain your puppy with this battery-operated smart sensor potty training pad. Each of the included pads features a six-layer absorbent design that senses when it has been used, and dispenses a reward treat to reinforce good behavior. Perfect for tricky potty training challenges, this high-tech solution quickly teaches your dog to relieve himself in the right places.
$99.95 USD

Hachiko Smart Dog Sensor

Connect with your dog while you’re away! This device attaches covertly to your dog’s collar and delivers real-time data to your phone, including activity rates and personalized text messages from your dog based on monitor data. The compatible app allows you to input feeding history, medicine schedules, daily goals and shareable photos. Monitoring device features 12-month battery life, modern shape, and 100% waterproof design.
$39.99 USD


Voyce is a revolutionary Health Monitor and Wellness Management System for every stage of your dog’s life. Using invasive sensors and exclusive technology, it gathers vital health information about your canine friend. In addition to measuring robust activity, it also tracks resting heart and respiratory rates - which are key in detecting health conditions early, improving and possibly extending the life of your dog. Waterproof, lightweight and WiFi enabled.

$199.00 USD

Red Beacon Collar Safety Light by Ruffwear

For safe walking in low-visibility environments, this clip-on safety light features a durable construction and multiple flash modes. Its omnidirectional dispersing lens allows for maximum luminosity during night walks, hiking, or foggy days in the park. Choose between several battery-powered blinking speeds or a steady light. For quick attachment, use the heavy-duty clip-on backing or affix the light permanently to your dog’s collar via split ring.
$16.95 USD

Tagg Pet GPS Plus Dog Tracker

The Tagg GPS Plus is a location tracking device that easily attaches to your dog's collar. Locate your pet on a map using a free mobile and web app and receive SMS and email notifications! The dog tracker also has a Temperature sensor which alerts you if your dog is in dangerous cold or hot environments. The TAGG tracker also monitors your dog's activity and fitness levels to ensure your pup stays healthy!

Whistle Activity Monitor

Monitor your dog’s activity with the wireless Whistle monitor, which attaches discreetly to their collar. Connect the device to your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and receive real-time data to your mobile smartphone whether you’re home or at work. Set daily goals, add photo notes, and create food logs for your dog’s health plan. The Whistle app works with iOS and Android.

$70.00 USD

Doggie Day Approach Pack by Ruffwear

Perfect for hiking, long walks, or overnight camping, this pup pack features two expandable zip pockets and a padded top handle. Store food, water, and outdoor items in your dog’s pack to enhance their workout and keep important goods on hand. Help your dog negotiate tough terrain and lift them comfortably in or out of cars with the assistance handle.

$79.95 USD

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