Dog Tags

The Pettag+

The Pettag+ is the first and only pet tag that you can play with that attaches to your dog’s collar! Unlike other dog wearable technology, Pettag+ delivers activity monitoring and tracking in a fun game-like user experience. Easily track and monitor Fido’s eating, playing, activities and whereabouts throughout the day on your mobile phone!

$65.00 USD

Have Your People Call My People Dog Tag

Avoid scary lost dog situations with this witty custom dog tag! This two-piece dog tag includes an aluminum bottom, a copper heart and comes with a cute paw print charm. Have your pet’s name engraved onto the heart and contact information stamped onto the back of the tag. You can also request your own customizations to the tag!

$18.00 USD

Custom Dog Tag with Artwork

This piece of cute artwork comes in the shape of a dog tag! Various designs are available, and perhaps there is even one that shares a likeliness to your pet! Each tag is handmade to order using copper and nickel silver metals and can be customized to include your dog’s name and contact information.

$31.00 USD

Custom Cresent Moon Dog Tag

Attach this delicate Cresent Moon Dog Tag to your dog’s collar for a peace of mind. Hand made from copper, nickel silver and yellow brass metals, it can be personalized with your pup’s name and contact information. In addition to the crescent moon, the tag is also adorned with star and swirly designs for a cute overall look!

$24.00 USD

Custom Hand-crafted Stainless Steel Heart Dog Tag

Have your dog’s name along with a custom phrase, engraved onto this beautiful hand crafted Stainless Steel Heart Dog Tag. You an pick your font and even select a small picture to be put on the tag as well! The piece will come gift wrapped for easy gift giving.

$14.50 USD

Sweetie Woo Woo Pet Tag

The “Sweetie” Woo Woo Tag is a charming small pet id tag that is perfect for your pup! Created from a sweet 7/8” copper disk, it is hand stamped with your best friend’s name in a cute lettering style, and adorned with a lovely antiqued brass bow charm. Your phone number can also be stamped into the signature aluminum backer. Perfect for your little sweetie!

$13.50 USD

Custom Colorful Pet ID Tag

Show off your pet’s personality with this custom colourful ID tag! This pet tag is handmade from brass and comes etched with the name of your beloved pet. You also have the option of putting a phone number on the front or back. Choose between various fun styles and designs!

$25.00+ USD

Custom Copper/Brass Dog ID Tags

Never lose your pet again with these custom dog ID collar tags. Made combining artistic elements such as stars and dog bones, each tag is both unique and different. Made from high quality copper and brass materials, it will withstand any rough play your dog may get himself into! Each tag measures 1” in diameter.

$12.00 USD

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