Dog Safety

Bubba’s Collar Light

Light up your night walks! Walk safely with your pet at night with Bubba’s Collar Light- it allows you to see and be seen in the dark. No more sniffing or eating anything your pup shouldn’t be in the dark. Light up those darker areas so you can see better, see your dog better and feel confident others can see you as well!

Have Your People Call My People Dog Tag

Avoid scary lost dog situations with this witty custom dog tag! This two-piece dog tag includes an aluminum bottom, a copper heart and comes with a cute paw print charm. Have your pet’s name engraved onto the heart and contact information stamped onto the back of the tag. You can also request your own customizations to the tag!

$18.00 USD

Custom Dog Tag with Artwork

This piece of cute artwork comes in the shape of a dog tag! Various designs are available, and perhaps there is even one that shares a likeliness to your pet! Each tag is handmade to order using copper and nickel silver metals and can be customized to include your dog’s name and contact information.

$31.00 USD

Custom Cresent Moon Dog Tag

Attach this delicate Cresent Moon Dog Tag to your dog’s collar for a peace of mind. Hand made from copper, nickel silver and yellow brass metals, it can be personalized with your pup’s name and contact information. In addition to the crescent moon, the tag is also adorned with star and swirly designs for a cute overall look!

$24.00 USD

Custom Hand-crafted Stainless Steel Heart Dog Tag

Have your dog’s name along with a custom phrase, engraved onto this beautiful hand crafted Stainless Steel Heart Dog Tag. You an pick your font and even select a small picture to be put on the tag as well! The piece will come gift wrapped for easy gift giving.

$14.50 USD

Sweetie Woo Woo Pet Tag

The “Sweetie” Woo Woo Tag is a charming small pet id tag that is perfect for your pup! Created from a sweet 7/8” copper disk, it is hand stamped with your best friend’s name in a cute lettering style, and adorned with a lovely antiqued brass bow charm. Your phone number can also be stamped into the signature aluminum backer. Perfect for your little sweetie!

$13.50 USD

Custom Colorful Pet ID Tag

Show off your pet’s personality with this custom colourful ID tag! This pet tag is handmade from brass and comes etched with the name of your beloved pet. You also have the option of putting a phone number on the front or back. Choose between various fun styles and designs!

$25.00+ USD

Custom Copper/Brass Dog ID Tags

Never lose your pet again with these custom dog ID collar tags. Made combining artistic elements such as stars and dog bones, each tag is both unique and different. Made from high quality copper and brass materials, it will withstand any rough play your dog may get himself into! Each tag measures 1” in diameter.

$12.00 USD

Dog Bootie Sneakers

Protect your pup’s delicate pawpads with these stylish doggie sneakers! These non-slip and durable booties will help to keep their paws dry, warm and comfortable. The ultimate protection against hot or snowy ground surfaces! Who says only humans can wear cool looking shoes? Match these shoes with a cute outfit to complete the look.

Poochlight Illuminating Dog Lead

Keep your pet safe and in sight from potentially dangerous collisions with cyclists, pedestrians and cars with this stylish LED safety leash. At 47 inches long, it is the longest continuous end to end light up LED dog leash on the market. It is also fully rechargeable, simply plug it into a USB port to charge!

$43.50 USD

Doggles Eyewear

Protect your dog’s eyes from harsh sunlight or wind during long car rides or days at the beach. As a perfect accessory for dogs with eye sensitivity or a thrill-seeking disposition, each pair of Doggles fits comfortably around your dog’s head with elastic straps and perfectly contoured eye covers. For the biker-pup or long-term sunbather, these UV goggles will protect against wind, rain, and bright light.
$21.85 USD

SleepyPod Doggie Safety ClickIt Seatbelt

Ensure your dog’s safety and comfort during car rides with this ergonomically designed doggie seat belt. This neoprene padded car harness has been crash-tested and keeps your dog safely in one place while allowing them to lie down without tangling. The bestselling three-point design contains automotive-grade seat belt materials to keep your dog safe during car rides of any length.

Doggles Insect Repellent Shirt

Protect your pet from mosquitos, ticks, and fleas during outdoor adventures with the insect repellent shirt! This lightweight odorless design is made from fibers that are bonded to insect repellent (permethrin) that is a derivative of the chrysanthemum flower. This repellant keeps bugs away without the use of harsh chemicals that may irritate your dog’s skin. Say goodbye to bug bites!
$45.99 USD

Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket

Keep your pet safe while he is in the water with this stylish designer Doggy Life Jacket! Your pet can be in and out of water all day, while staying safe and comfortable. Doggy Life Jackets provide ultimate buoyancy with a cozy secure fit and high visibility to keep your dog safe. Features an advanced breathable mesh under the belly for proper draining and drying. Available in different sizes and a variety of cool patterns!
$15.59 USD

ElitePetGear Reflective Safety Set

Easily see your dog in the dark with this top of the line safety reflective gear- it includes reflective strips on both a bandana and leg straps for increased invisibility at dawn, dusk and night. Your pet will easily be visible to oncoming traffic during your night walkabouts. Made from a high quality material, it is both lightweight and comfortable and designed not to restrict your pet’s movement!
$5.97 USD
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