Dog Houses & Beds

Bubble Quilt Dog Bed

Pamper your pup with this cute and comfy dog biscuit bed! Squishy and soft, your dog will never want to get off of this bubble quilt! Made from poly-filled cotton biscuits, it really does feel like a hug! It can be used as a stand-alone bed, crate liner, or even in the back seat of your car when your travel!

$112.00+ USD

Ettore Secondo Modern Dog House

Let your dog rest in style with the Ettore Secondo Dog House! Designed to resemble a stereotypical yet stylized dog, the modern dog house can also be customized to meet your needs and taste (and the dog’s too, of course!). Made with FSC-certified OSB wood, reused solid wood and bicycle tubes.

$217.29 USD

The Ultimate Dog Lounge

The Ultimate Dog Lounge is more that just a typical pet bed! Its smart design features comfortable ‘Bolsters’ (couch arms) that provide both optimal support and comfort for your Fido. Constructed with a 4 inch memory foam base, it can easily hold over 100 pounds in weight. Super easy assemblyー simply insert the memory foam base and zip closed!
$81.46 USD

Bambú Hammock Pet Bed

The Bambú Hammock’s collection of clean lines, unique sleeping surface and rich ecofriendly materials make it a very sought after design. Comfortable for your pet, its unique sleeping surface responds to your pet’s weight which helps to relieve many of the pressure points that create discomfort and often lead to arthritis.

VW Beetle Bug Car Fleece Pet Bed

This Fleece VW Beetle Bug Car Bed will have your pet chasing zzzz’s and crashing into dreamland! Each car bed is specially handmade for your pet, making it a great one-of-a-kind item. Choose to have it crafted in a color that represents your pup’s personality! Washing machine friendly.

$50.00 USD

Handmade Freckle Felt Dog Bed

Colorful, stylish, cute and comfortable! Unlike traditional dog beds, this modern Freckle Felt Dog Bed is handmade with love and truly one-of-a-kind! Give your pet a cozy and comfy place to sit, lie down and take a snooze. Watch the magical patchwork of colours brighten up your living room!

$200.00 USD

Cozy Merino Wool Dog Bed

Allow your pet to snooze in comfort with this Cozy Merino Wool Dog Bed! Each bed is handmade with love using 23 microns merino wool. Your dog will love this extremely soft and plush wool material. Choose the size appropriate for your pet and have it made in your favourite color!

$70.00+ USD

Customizable Modern Dog Bed

Give your pooch his very own personalized bed to curl up in! This modern dog bed comes with a soft, matching pillow and can be customized with your pet’s name. It comes with a removable wooden base which makes the bed both durable and easy to wash. All washable and stirabile.

$158.06+ USD

Organic Wool Dog Cave Bed

It’s no secret that pets like boxes and hiding places, so they will love this covered wool bed! Made from completely natural, 100% organic undyed wool, this Cave Hole is decorated with hand knitted details that can be customized with your favourite colours. Each bed will be specially custom made for your pet.

$63.68+ USD

Kooldog House

This modern dog house is meant for design-conscious pet lovers. Not only can you rest your drinks and magazines on the tabletop, your dog can get cozy inside with the plush cushion and ventilation holes. A perfectly blend of function and fashion for you and your furry friend!

$469.58 USD

Felted Wool Dog Cave Bed

Fulfill your canine’s natural desire to den with this Hooded Dog Cave Bed. This bed is eco-friendly handmade from natural felted wool, features cute stand-up ears and is sure to be comfortable for your pet. Your dog will love catching some zzzzs in this dog cave!

$109.00+ USD

Dog House Wall Decal

This modern indoor Dog House Wall Decal is personalized with your dog’s name and won’t take up any floor space in your home. This removable vinyl wall sticker appliqué comes in many different colours and is adorable above the food/water dish in the kitchen, next to the dog bed or wherever his favourite spot is!

$30.00 USD

Nightstand Dog House

Eliminate the need for a stand-alone pet bed with this elegant all-in-one doggie quarters and nightstand. The slatted doggie door turns your pet bed into a full-service training crate, or can be removed to allow your dog easy access without compromising the design.

$499.95 USD

The Dog Pod 2.0

Dogs love the sense of shelter provided by the Dog Pod- its clean and simple design is both pleasing to the eye and to the home. This iconic piece is handmade form high quality birchply, with your choice of veneer. The Dog Pod also includes a pad which is removable, washable and ultimately replaceable.

$899.00 USD

Teeny Tiny Pet Bed

Give your small dog a soft and comfortable place to snooze with this Teeny Tiny Pet Bed. This dog bed is made of solid wood and painted white in a satin sheen with a distressed detailing. Includes bedding made of white and black duck lattice fabric and stripe cording. Good for pooches under 6lbs.

$150+ USD

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