Hand-dyed Ombre Rope Dog Leash

Hand-dyed Ombre Rope Dog Leash

Why use regular ol’ boring pet store leashes when you can use a handmade Ombre Rope Dog Leash? Each cotton rope dog leash is hand-dyed to create the beautiful and modern “ombre” look. Dog walks have never been more stylish! Not a fan of aquamarine blue? No worries, there are sooo many other colours available!

Please note that due to the hand dying nature of the leash, each piece is greatly unique. Colour saturation and length may vary slightly from leash to leash however every effort will be made to ensure consistency on the product. Handmade in beautiful eastern Washington

Description of the ombre rope dog leash:
Made from a 3 strand, 100% cotton rope material
Available in two different thicknesses; 3/8” for medium to large dogs and 1/4” for small or petite dogs
Multiple lengths are available
Swivel hook snap
Hand spliced
Whip finish

While this rope dog leash is designed to be durable, remember to always supervise your pet while he is on a lead. Regular inspection of the leash for signs of wear are recommended, remember to retire leashes as needed for the safety of your pet!


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$26.00+ USD

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