Collars and Leashes

Custom Dog Leash Holder

How about a Custom Dog Leash Holder for you and your pup? Cute and practical, this dog leash holder combination will include an artwork of your pup as well as his name on a bone! How cute is that? A heavy duty key hook on the back assures proper hanging with bumpers to protect your wall. Hand cut and painted with love!

$30.00 USD

“I Need Space” Dog Leash Sleeves (Other phrases available!)

Let your dog enjoy some extra space with his own personalized “I Need Space” Leash Sleeve. Designed to slip over just about any leash, anyone passing by will be able to see your message! Each sleeve has 3 snaps for easy attachment to your leash and it can even be clipped around dog collars!

$9.00 USD

Hand-dyed Ombre Rope Dog Leash

Why use regular ol’ boring pet store leashes when you can use a handmade Ombre Rope Dog Leash? Each of these cotton rope leashes are hand-dyed to create the beautiful and modern “ombre” look. Dog walks have never been more stylish! Not a fan of aquamarine blue? No worries, there are so many other colours available!

$26.00+ USD

Handmade Leather Dog Tag Silencers

Do jingling dog tags drive you bonkers? Keep those tags silent (especially at the wee hours in the morning) by using one of these dog tag silencers! This wrap around dog tag silencer is made with a very flexible leather and is designed to be attached to your dog’s collar. Simply put the tags into the tag bag and you’re done! They’re out of the way- nice and discrete!

$10.00 USD

Genuine Leather Matching Dog Collar and Owner Bracelet Set

What if you and your pup could have matching collars and bracelets? Now you can! This beautiful dog collar and owner bracelet set is made of 100% genuine leather and is naturally vegetable tanned. How awesome is it to be able to go about your day knowing that you and your pup are so specially linked?

$95.00+ USD

Custom Embroidered Dog Collars

Give your pup one of these elegantly made custom embroidered dog collars! With his name personalized onto the front of the collar, that’s one less tag that he has to carry with him around his neck! Choose your preferred pattern and let’s have it made!

$24.99 USD

Cute Medical Alert Dog Tags

If your dog is deaf, having the proper tag can help alert people of that need. This cute deaf medical alert dog atag is made of a very durable aluminum and features an original artwork on the front. This 2-sided dog tag can also be customized so that your info goes on the back. Dog tags for other medical conditions are also available!

$12.00 USD

Custom Dog Collars by The Hound Haberdashery

Collars don’t have to be plain and boring! At the Hound Haberdashery, you can have custom dog collars made in a variety of colourful and pretty designs especially for your pup! Each collar is made with love from the most high quality of fabrics and ribbons. ❤️

$23.95+ USD

7ft Adjustable Ombre Rope Dog Leash

Walk your dog à la mode with this beautiful ombre rope leash! Made of organic cotton rope, the leash is extremely strong (up to 1500lb tensile strength), yet super strong. It measures 7 ft but can be adjusted down to approx. 3ft- how convenient! There are so many colours available, surely there’s one that you and your pup fancy!

$54.00+ USD

“I Need Space” Dog Leash

Help to give your dog the space he needs with this “I Need Space” dog leash. This easy to see yellow lead helps to let the people around him know about his need for space during his walks. Made of webbing with 4200 lb tensile strength, the stress points of the leash are all triple stitched to ensure maximum durability.

$29.00 USD

Handmade Paracord Slip Leash for Dogs

Simplify things by having a leash and collar all in one, with this Paracord Slip Leash for Dogs! Dog Slip Leads have been used by professional trainers and handlers for many years and have recently become popular for regular dog walking. This hand made Paracord Dog Slip Lead is made from 550 paracord- making it both durable and strong!

$22.87 USD

Custom Leather Dog Collar with Swarovski Crystals

This personalized leather dog collar features silver bones and velvet swarovski crystals- how pretty! Your pup’s name will be engraved onto a durable brass name plate. This beautiful collar is made to order, according to your size preferences. Matching leashes are also available!

$45.00 USD

“Oh Crap, I’m Lost!” Customized Dog Tag

Reassure your pup’s safety with this funny “Oh Crap, I’m Lost!" dog ID Tag. This aluminum tag will have your pet’s name and phone number engraved onto the back, greatly increasing the chance of him returning home should he find himself away from his humans.

$12.50 USD

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