Our Top 10 List of Indestructible Dog Toys

Do you have a professional toy chewer in the house? Looking for some dog chew toys that your pup won't be able to rip apart and destroy in 30 minutes? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Here is our Top 10 List of Indestructible Dog Toys ?

5 Amazing Reasons to Choose an Igloo Dog House

The igloo dog house is such a versatile and wonderfully comfortable little nest that your dog will love it. Designed to be used as a warm, safe and dog friendly cave there are plenty of reasons to choose the igloo dog house to treat your happy hound. Read on to see exactly why we love the igloo dog house as our quality dog bed of choice.

5 Great Reasons To Use A Coolaroo Dog Bed!

The Coolaroo Dog Bed is a fantastic addition to every home, it’s clean, comfortable and cozy. There are some dogs that will benefit even more from using a Coolaroo dog bed, for reasons which we are to discuss right here.

Should you use a Flexi Leash for your Dog?

Unlike traditional dog leashes, Flexi Leashes are a type of long, retractable lead that allow your dog to roam and sniff with more freedom during their walk. With the Flexi Leash, you have the ability to control how long you want the leash to be! Thinking of making the switch to a Flexi Leash? Learn more about its pros and cons in this article.

What are Anal Glands?

Does your dog smell like fish? If so, then his anal glands are probably to blame! Anal glands are two pea sized sacs in the rectal area of your dog's behind which can lead to potential problems if they are to become full or impacted.
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