5 Amazing Reasons to Choose an Igloo Dog House

The igloo dog house is such a versatile and wonderfully comfortable little nest that your dog will love it. Designed to be used as a warm, safe and dog friendly cave there are plenty of reasons to choose the igloo dog house to treat your happy hound. Read on to see exactly why we love the igloo dog house as our quality dog bed of choice.

igloo dog house

The Igloo Dog House Makes Your Dog Feel Safe

Throughout the dark winter months out come the fireworks and storms which many dogs are scared of. When dogs are fearful they like to get into or under something solid, even when they are already indoors, because a cave like environment makes them feel safe when loud noises are all around.
There is little we can do to control the weather or the tendency of people to play with fireworks, we can make a difference closer to home though by providing a worried dog with an igloo dog house then adding certain things to make him as comfy as possible:
  • A comfortable bed in the igloo will encourage your dog inside.
  • Pet remedy or equally useful essential oil based calming treatment can be put onto the bed inside the igloo dog house.
It’s important that your dog is secure inside during particularly noisy times as fear can make a worried dog bolt, with disastrous consequence. So even if your Igloo Dog House is used outdoors be sure to bring your dog inside during tough times.
There are many other things that you can do in order to prepare a scared dog for firework season, or storms.
Desensitization is a type of dog training which you can start well before noisy season begins. The idea is that you introduce the sound that the dog is fearful of, in a carefully controlled manner into the home. For instance, if the dog is scared of fireworks you obtain a CD with firework bangs then play it very low on a daily basis in the home.
The low volume should not trigger any stress behaviors in the dog but simply be part of the background noise. If your dog looks worried, or even pays attention to the noise, then the volume is up too high.
When the sound is accepted by the dog you can turn it up gradually over a number of days or weeks but being extremely careful not to trigger signs of stress in the dog such as licking lips, yawning or panting. Playing with the dog when you sound is on a higher volume for the first time is also a good idea.
Plus of course your Igloo Dog House where your dog can feel secure tucked away under its solid roof with a comfy bed inside.

The Igloo Dog House is Designed For Warmth

Designed for warmth and comfort this truly is a dog house that keeps your pet cozy in all weathers. It can also be fitted with a specially designed heater to keep your best friend equally snug.


Its circular design reflects heat back onto the dog during cold weather and keeps the snow wind and rain off the animal. Great if your dog sleeps in the garage or likes to spend a lot of time outdoors during the daytime. In the winter there is also the igloo dog house specially adapted heater that can add to the comfort of this smart and hardy dog house.
The Igloo Dog House Heater is a half-moon shaped pad which can slide underneath your dog’s cozy bed and will only cover half of the floor area, meaning that your dog will be able to choose whether to lie on the heated part of his bed, the cooler bit or alternate between the two. The internal thermostat keeps the heater at a comfy 102 degrees.

Igloo Dog Houses – Great For Snow Dogs

There are some dog breeds that adore the snow. The Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and many type of Spitz would happily stay outdoors in all weathers if allowed.
The snow breeds are reluctant to get too warm so an Igloo Dog House in the garden during the daytime gives them the best of both worlds. It’s important to watch your dog carefully if he is outside in extreme weather (either warm or cold) because both can be very dangerous.

Igloo Dog Houses – Clean, Dry And Ventilated

The super strong molded design of the dog house is a massive plus factor for the comfort and happiness of your hound. With carefully designed, weather resistant, ventilation in the roof to avoid condensation along with perfectly curved walls that lead directly to moat like sides, ensuring that no rain gets in and no drips fall around the sleeping area.

igloo dog house large

The cleanliness of the Igloo Dog House is ensured because of the super strong Microban material incorporated by design. Microban naturally fights the build-up of worrying bacteria throughout the long life of the Igloo dog house which is also easy to clean and care for.

Much Better Than A Wooden Hut

The Igloo Dog House really is the perfect outdoor kennel for your dog. For many years, dog owners have been using square and wooden kennels as a shelter and bed the dog that likes to spend a lot of time outside.
The traditional wooden kennel has nowhere near the amount of protection from the weather, damp or bacteria as the Dog Igloo. The round space inside the dog house allows for comfort and good fit with no wasted corner space where cold air can become trapped.
Igloo dog houses are the future of outdoor dog houses whether it’s set up indoors or outside your dog will love it.

Igloo Dog House Sizes

If you are sold on the idea of Igloo Dog Houses, just as we are, then it’s vitally important to buy the right size. Purely based upon it’s carefully articulated design size matters.
If the house is too small, then the dog won’t be comfortable and won’t want to use the Dog Igloo. If it’s too big then the house will lose a lot of the warmth because it will hold onto unnecessary cold air.
The idea for sizing is that the dog can get into the igloo, turn around and stretch out but doesn’t have a lot of extra pointless space. It is for sleeping in after all so doesn’t need to be much bigger that a generous sized dog bed that your best friend can comfortably fiddle about in, in order to get comfortable. Igloo Dog Houses are designed to create happy dogs that have a safe and warm home if the environment is chilly or noisy.

Wonderful for the dog that likes to lie on the porch or sleeps in the garage at night. Remember though that we have spent many generations breeding dogs that have a natural and innate need for our company. With this in mind it is important that your best friend spends a lot of time with you, his human, as you are the most important thing in his life and always will be.
A loving human and an Igloo Dog House, what more could a happy, well-loved dog want? Other than steak of course!



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